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Notice on inconsistency between recruitment website and company recruitment 

Release time:2020/05/25

Notice on inconsistency between recruitment website and company recruitment

Recently, a small number of lawbreakers, in violation of the principle of good faith, have falsely registered their recruitment accounts with our company's enterprise information, which is used for false recruitment and interferes with the normal recruitment work of the company, with great potential risks. Now we solemnly declare that we will not charge any deposit for the laborer in any name during the actual recruitment process. The recruitment hotline designated by the company is 0312-7035825、0312-7035997 mobiles phones: 1338332758、18633220077 wechat: blrhrsb. Other contact numbers are not authorized by the company. Any problem encountered by the job seeker during the application process can be verified by calling. Please be careful !

The company hereby solemnly declares that any loss or liability caused by the applicant's failure to notice the above risks shall be borne by the applicant, and the company shall not bear any responsibility for it. The company reserves the right to investigate the legal liability of the applicant if he / she causes other negative effects to the company.

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